Logic relay New Zealand

G-Soft NX Software for the Genie NX Logic Relay

Ladder Logic Programming Software

Logic Relay - G-Soft NX programming IDE

Programming environment.

Function Blocks

Logic Relay - Input Block

Input Contacts. The input contacts represent input terminals. Lablled Ix

Logic Relay - Output Block

Output Coils. The output coils represent relay output terminals. Labelled Qx

Logic Relay - Internal Contact Block

Auxiliary Contacts/coils. Contacts and coils that are not directly connected to the outside terminals.
These are "internal relays" Labelled Mx

Logic Relay - Counter Block

Counters. Pulse counters. These are labelled Cx.

Logic Relay - Timer Block

Timers. Timers used to create time delays. Timers can be DELAY ON or DELAY OFF.

Timers are labelled Tx.

Logic Relay - Real Time Clock Block

Time Switches. Time switches operate relative to the time of day. Time Switches are labelled Ox.

Logic Relay - Counter Compare Block

Counter Comparators. Counter Comparators provide an action when a counter equals the comparator value.

Counter Comparators are labelled Px.

Logic Relay - Analog Compare Block

Analog Comparators. Analog Comparators provide actions when the Analog input equals the comparator value. Analog Comparators are labelled Ax.

Logic Relay - Text Block

Text Messages. Text Messages are messages that can be posted on the screen of the logic relay.

Text Messages are labelled Tx.

Logic Relay - Input Button Block

Z Keys. The Z keys are keys that can be used to a) program the logic relay or b) to change values while the relay is operating.

Z Keys are labelled Zx.




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